Friday, November 14, 2008

Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh!

That’s what I said the other day when I saw that Morgan Stanley is laying off bunches of people. Please bear with me. I’m not trying to be insensitive to other people facing layoffs. Really. What you have to realize is that I interviewed with them in April and they blew me off after eight interviews for some lame reason. Then, two days later it came out in news that there were layoffs. Now, last week a recruiter called me about another job at MS. What am I going to do but say sure, submit my resume? Hadn’t heard anything from them and then I opened article on Yahoo news. Sure enough, there are more layoffs. That’s when I just started to laugh. What else can one do? It does seem to be my luck lately, that what ever company it is that approaches me, seems to be the kiss of death for them. Hmm, maybe I should analyze this a little more. Not!

I don’t know if anyone else is seeing this, but it seems to me lately that the people who are working are much more unhappy then those of us who aren’t. Maybe it’s just me. I do seem to have a hard time regretting the fact that I don’t have to set my alarm or that I’m not surrounded by stressed out people. I do think it is all in the mindset. It has always been my contention that I control how I view things and that things don’t happen to me, but that they are a result of some decision I’ve made in the past. I guess I just don’t like to feel helpless. I am mind you, the person who quit smoking because no inanimate object was going to make me go out in the middle of the night, putting my life at risk (this was after all NY in the 80’s). Oh no, not me!

Something happened the other day that made me realize that it’s not about me. I had stopped going to this nail salon because the owner always asked me in a hushed voice, “Have you found a job yet?” This is on top of all the old ladies in my building who are praying for me. Anyway, I went to the nail salon last Monday. (I was getting to look a bit wooly if you know what I mean) I was the only customer the whole two hours I was there! She did ask me the question, but with a quite different tone. I asked her if business was bad and she just nodded her head. That’s when it dawned on me. It’s not all about me or about us unemployed. Everyone’s getting hit in one way or another. I do kind of feel that it is our responsibly, as humans, to keep putting good energy out in the universe and to try to support others. It does make you feel good you know. By the way, I also feed the birds.

Speaking of those of us who happen to remember life in the 80’s, I found a couple of web sites in the local paper the other day. These websites are targeted at people over 50. That being said, just because these companies are 50 friendly, doesn’t mean that others can’t use them. Here they are: and I found jobs to apply for in both of them. Good jobs mind you.

As I was googling this blog, just to see how hard it was to find, I came across this other website. It appears to be a little of what I’m trying to do on my blog. I’m including it because I think the more advice the better. Anyway, feed the birds or feed the positive wolf, but do try to have a good weekend.

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