Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yes folks I finally did it!

I've been thinking about starting a blog for those of us, and you know who you are, who are currently seeking, or not seeking, employment for a long time now. Usually I thought in terms of posting humorous stories about strange interviews I've been on, but today is different. I got the idea for all those "networking" sessions, where we start out by identifying ourselves (in a minute or less, thank you Steve) "hello my name is Les. I am a Financial Services Professional, with experience in operations, product development and business development. I've been looking for work for nine months and I wish to remain in this field." To which most members of the group responded "Hi Les."

Yesterday I was rejected for a position that I really really wanted. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don't let yourself get too attached to any lead or potential position! Don't! The reasons are many, but primarily because when you get rejected, it really nails you. It throws you completely off stride.
And so this brings me to my reason(s) for starting the blog today.

On my way to the gym (we'll get to that at another point under ways to keep spirits up) I started thinking about all those people who are out of work and dealing with the myriad of feelings that goes with it, and don't have support groups, teachers, and mentors like I have with the Right Management Group. What happens to them? How do they find advise or simply a place to go where people are in the same situation or provide advise? That's why I decided to start the blog today. I hope eventually it gets out to some of those people and they can use it and/or me to bounce ideas off of, or to simply get a good laugh at some of the goofy situations I get myself into.

Now everyone, please be patient. I know I'll get better at this, but you've gotta give me a little time. I'll figure out how you can get questions and comments to me, but first I have to finish setting this puppy up and post it before I chicken out.