Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Very Magical Time…

It occurred to me this morning, while meditating, that this really is a very magical time. I know you are all probably thinking “that’s not parsley in her Jambalaya Stoup is it?” No really, look I’m facing all the same stuff that everyone else out of work does. My unemployment benefits ran out a couple of weeks ago and that’s after the two extensions. I have been going on interviews, true. However, I have continued to pursue all the activities we’ve been talking about. I change my resume and update my profile about once a month. (That reminds me, I guess it’s time to do it again.) I find and apply to at least 10 jobs a week. I attend networking sessions. I go to the gym, and I meditate. Finally, I’m sitting here wondering if I will get the chance to close this deal with this employer or not.

So why do I feel it’s a magical time? It’s sort of like, all rules are off. True the news is abysmal, but other than during the elections, when hasn’t it been that way? The other upside is that if you’re out of work, it’s not you that’s lame, it’s the economy. Heh heh.
Most importantly, this period gives us the opportunity to really pursue what it is that we want. There’s really not the possibility of just going along with the same routine that made you successful for the past ten years. Those days are gone. However if you’re anything like me, you kind of wanted them gone anyway. Dwelling on possibilities and potential for heading in the right direction does a lot more for your job search than anxiety and fear. Believe me I’m an expert on those two categories. Those are pure and simple negative energy producers and they will suck all the positive, hopeful energy right out of you.

Here let me put it this way; years ago I had to take a defensive driving class. (don’t ask, I got a speeding ticket). The one thing I remember from that class, besides the one thousand one counting thing between cars, is that if you go off the road, don’t look at the telephone poles. You know why? Because if you look at the telephone poles, you will hit that on which you are focused. Same goes for negative and positive thoughts. Plus negative thoughts and neurotic behaviors are very, very seductive. They really are. They don’t call that pity a party for nothing. So look it you’re worried about money for good cause, do take stock of you funds and make a budget. Look to calm that worry, if even for a day, but don’t dwell on it. Dwelling on it takes away from the energy you could use to fix the issue. Don’t think about “am I ever going to go back to work?” Instead, focus on today and what you will accomplish that leads to it. You will go back to work, but worrying about it won’t make it happen any faster. Doing something to get there will. Meditation helps here as well. It allows you to really focus not only on outcomes, but more importantly, what feel right to you.

Reward yourself. If you like making “to do” lists do it. Then reward yourself when you get through it. Yesterday, I had three items on my “to do” list; 1. Apply for 5 jobs, 2. Deposit check in bank, and 3. Pay bills (go figure). Once I checked off these items, I allowed myself to go sit in my sunny sun room and read a book. Ah bliss. Simple but affective.

While I was meditating, the thought occurred to me that what other people did, didn’t make me happy or sad. No it was how I viewed things that did that. So I choose to view things as positive. If this job is right for me, it will happen. Period! That goes for my personal life as well. This is why I say this is a magical time. The possibilities are so enormous. Remember, anything goes. The only thing really stopping us from being what we want to be or doing what we want to do is ourselves.

Enjoy your day!

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