Thursday, January 15, 2009

Try your best to ignore all the bad news.

Listen I probably read more papers and websites and listen to more news shows than anyone I know. However, if you are having a really hard time keeping focused and staying hopeful, you probably do really need to turn it off. The reason is, listen to this, I was able to apply for 20 jobs last week and so far this week, I’ve sent out nine applications. On top of that two companies have contacted me and I’ve had a series of interviews. Believe it or not, regardless of all the bad news out there, they are still hiring.

Let me walk you though my quick fire method of “the hunt”.

1. I am registered on all the internet job sites;,,, and probably 20 others. All of them allow you to create searches which they then mail results to you on a daily basis. (You have to set your parameters for that, but you can do it. I know you can.)

2. I get up in the morning and turn my pc on and my TV off at 9:00.

3. I go through all those emails from the search engines. When I identify a job that I’m interested in and that I meet the requirements for, I open it, and it creates a new window. Leave those windows be and continue on through the emails.

4. Once I’m finished going though all the emails, I start on the job apps I have open in the windows. One by one I apply for the jobs:

a. Print copy of job description. (Once you get into the application it will disappear.
b. Complete the job application using appropriate resume and cover letter.
c. Note on spreadsheet including: job title, company, date of app,
d. Write date of application on top of hard copy and file by month.

5. Don’t over think the process. Once you get called you have plenty of time to ask questions of them and of yourselves.

Well there you have it, my tried and true method for “the hunt”. Hey, I’ve probably gotten more interviews than most people in the last year. It’s just an extension of a direct mail campaign we used in my marketing days.

Oh, and by the way, I do fit in time to go to the gym and for tea and cookies at 2:00. Make sure you include things in your day that keep you motivated and positive. I am sorry I haven’t written for a while. It’s not that I’ve been depressed or anything, quite the contrary. I just seem to be so darned busy for someone who isn’t working. What’s weird is that amongst all this terrible news on TV and the papers, I’m feeling quite happy and confident and filled with positive energy. I know some of my friends and family members may be wondering what little pills I may have found, but that’s not it at all.

One more point, keep in touch with friends and family. You don’t have to say much. It can be as simple as instant messaging, but it is so important to both them and to you. Well that’s my final word for the day. Gotta run. Meeting my networking friends for happy hour.

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