Friday, December 12, 2008

Whatever it takes to get through the day..

Hey, the way I reward myself is by getting to go in the kitchen and cook. That’s me and the reason I’m bringing this up is because this is a strange time of year, at the end of a very strange year. Always makes me think of the “Designing Women” episode where they’re sitting around talking about cards and one of the characters complains about the Hallmark commercials. You know, how they make you feel your life should be like that and because it isn’t you feel even worse. Well, I say focus on the things that do make you feel good and the Heck with Hallmark instead of Deck the Halls.

Anyway, I am really digressing here. I was really having a hard time coming up with something to write. Not only was it because I try very hard to write uplifting things and not add to all the bad news out there, but because there was so much bad stuff happening that I couldn’t seem to get myself to rise above it. Then a couple of things happened.

One of my friends called me to tell me about an experience she had at a networking event and asked that I write something about it on my blog. (Reminding me that people actually read this thing.) Have you all seen her comment? Have you had any similar experiences? A couple of things came to mind in hearing about this experience. First let me explain (if you want the description first hand go down to comments on my last posting) my friend was attending one of those ubiquitous networking events, which are so helpful, but can be rather stressful. She was speaking to this woman and as usually happens brought up the fact that she was out of work and asked if she could give the woman her card. Well, the woman refused to take it. My thoughts on the matter are these: First of all it’s about the other woman, not my friend. To be charitable perhaps she’s got some really bad stuff going on in her life. Secondly, the woman wasn’t too very bright (less charitable I know). We’ve been taught, to put those business cards in two pockets; one for the ones you want to follow up on, and one for those you’ll dump later. It’s a much nicer, smarter, and kinder way to go about things. Plus, people out of work are a very sensitive place right now. Do you know how much strength and courage it takes to go to these things, never mind working out a way to ask for someone’s help? If any of you have further comments on this I would love to see them.

The second thing that happened was I was speaking to a friend who reminded me that he read my blog. This in turn brought back to me the reason behind starting this blog. A lot of us are in our various homes isolated in front of our PC’s. Not only am I trying to increase a sense of community, offer helpful hints and shared experiences, but I am trying mainly to find ways to decrease/diminish that sense of isolation. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are bunches and bunches of people out there just like us and we are valued, experienced workers with a great deal to still accomplish and contribute. There, that’s what it’s all about.

Finally, this morning when I opened my email, I had a recommendation from a boss in my past that just absolutely blew me away. I had requested a recommendation through, which is an excellent idea, by the way. The reason I mention this is because not only is it hard to keep up with what’s going on in your industry, the longer you’re out of work, but I find the longer I’m out of work, the harder it is to remember doing a great job and being valuable. Reading this recommendation gave me a sense of purpose again. It was the little jolt I needed to get my tasks done. So along with the advice to take all the business cards, I’ll add writing recommendations is such a good thing.

This brings me to the kitchen and cooking. Now that I’ve finished the tasks on my list, I’m free to go into the kitchen and bake cookies. I have a new lemon cookie recipe I’ve been dying to try…Yummmm. I’ll put Gretchen Wilson’s “I’m here for the party” on my ipod, create lots of good smells and tastes. I sincerely hope you all can find something to make you all as happy as cooking makes me.

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